DIY sound synthesizers and me.



555 trigger / CV generator

Ribbon 10pin-to-16pin DIY cable

Korg Monotribe LFO output

Synth DIY – how to start?

Eurorack module DIY tutorial (4) – wiring

Eurorack module DIY tutorial (3) – PCB holder

Eurorack module DIY tutorial (2) – graphics

Eurorack module DIY tutorial (1) – drilling

ENVY – LEGO figure showcase module

SDSV hihat expander

Ponyo – simple eurorack audio mixer

Kraft Drum

Tetsuo – PSU supply indicator

Euro Multipla

HC-2 handclapper

Hip Bass Drum

The perfect 808 rimshot / clave

Jack (nut) tool

Monotron DUO with LFO

Manutronix – NES style dub siren

Modular synth case

+5V eurorack power adapter for 1 euro

Modular synth busboards

Clangora – swiss army metallic sound synth

“Prodi┼╝” – wolf in sheep’s clothing

SnapClap – the only handclap you will ever need!

Modular synth power supply

808 cowbell drum module

Stylosynth 70 – analog stylophone inspired synth

MFOS Echo Rockit

Korg Monotron Delay Implant

GT2 Tube Amp Simulator

OneBiter – 1 bit music studio

Binaural beat generator

Catophonator – your cat will love it

SDSV voice board

Atari Punk Console – the DIY synth classic

WP-20 – cheap effect synth

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