If you not yet have noticed, my name is Jack. I was born in Poland, just one year after Gary Numan relased “Cars”. My childhood was full of destruction. I often “redesigned” my toys and my parents electrical equipment. It was definitely a good time. Music was somewhere there, but still far away. One day I saw my friend throwing a hardcore techno party using Impulse Tracker and 486 PC computer. But it wasn’t also very important to me. One day I saw a Doepfer A100 system. The amount of knobs was intimidating. I thought: “It must be the coolest device ever made”. Because I started to study, I invested most of my money in beer, so sweet dreams about A100 gone away. Suddenly I graduated as microprocessor system engineer. I made few big and small electronic projects, wrote some code. One day while romping thru Internet I saw it one more time. There it was – A100 with thousands of new modules. I thought: “I can do it! I can design something similar!”. But I couldn’t really, it is quite complex device. So I made a step. Atari Punk Console. Cacophonator. Then MFOS Mini Soundlab. Designed a 6581 SID hardware based PC tracker. A month later DDS handheld synthesizer and some 808 clones. And so, a few years later, here I am. Having fun.

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  1. Hi Jack, just stumbled across your site. Really, really, really nice made! I like the style and all those cool projects. Of course also the fact, that there’s a cat interested in your work. She’s sooo cute. Just thinking about building a catophonator ^^ Greetings from Berlin, what’s not too far away… Jana

  2. Hi Jack! I’m from Poland too, and I’m fascinated by analogue synthesizers since 2019. Because of the lockdown in 2020, I’ve decided to make my own DIY modular synthesizer. Thanks for your tutorials, they are very helpful. 😀

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