If you not yet have noticed, my name is Jack. I was born in Poland, just one year after Gary Numan relased “Cars”. My childhood was full of destruction. I often “redesigned” my toys and my parents electrical equipment. It was definitely a good time. Music was somewhere there, but still far away. One day I saw my friend throwing a hardcore techno party using Impulse Tracker and 486 PC computer. But it wasn’t also very important to me. One day I saw a Doepfer A100 system. The amount of knobs was intimidating. I thought: “It must be the coolest device ever made”. Because I started to study, I invested most of my money in beer, so sweet dreams about A100 gone away. Suddenly I graduated as microprocessor system engineer. I made few big and small electronic projects, wrote some code. One day while romping thru Internet I saw it one more time. There it was – A100 with thousands of new modules. I thought: “I can do it! I can design something similar!”. But I couldn’t really, it is quite complex device. So I made a step. Atari Punk Console. Cacophonator. Then MFOS Mini Soundlab. Designed a 6581 SID hardware based PC tracker. A month later DDS handheld synthesizer and some 808 clones. And so, a few years later, here I am. Having fun.

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  1. Hi Jack, just stumbled across your site. Really, really, really nice made! I like the style and all those cool projects. Of course also the fact, that there’s a cat interested in your work. She’s sooo cute. Just thinking about building a catophonator ^^ Greetings from Berlin, what’s not too far away… Jana

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