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For sale

Please contact me, maybe I have some stuff.


  1. Steve Keeler 23 July 2016

    Hi could you tell me if you have any completed units for sale. Also could you let me know what eurorack drum module PCbs you have available at the moment?
    Best regards, Steve

  2. marcus 27 July 2016

    Hi There

    I’m interested in the SnapClap unit. Do you sell them built up or as a kit?



  3. Tim 18 August 2016

    Hi im interested in the binaural beat unit, what a great job you’ve done on that..Do you have any for sale.

  4. Semmi 2 December 2016

    Hello, I’m interested in the binaural beat generator.
    Do they still build this device and what does it cost?

    Best wishes


    • admin 6 December 2016 — Post author

      Currently I am working on redesigned version – somehow simpler, but with laboratory quality sine generators and resonant VCF!

  5. thomas 22 December 2016

    hope you’re good!
    i’m looking for a dub sirene box.
    do you have any availlable?
    cheers, eki

  6. Ramon Sterman 12 September 2017

    I am very interested in a echo rockit, maybe you could help?
    hope 2 hear from you, my name is Ramon Sterman i am located in Amsterdam

  7. Dan 22 September 2017

    Hi, I am interested in some of the drum modules. Do you sell kits or at least panels/PCBs? Or you sell them as ready built?

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