The REAL Volca Modular Specs

What a great click bait title! And in fact, true! Volca Modular specs in Korg’s manual are not exactly precise, but this is actually a good news. Let me explain: Korg made a great and much explaining manual, but (IMHO) for sake of easiness of understanding, some specs were simplified. Who wants to interact with […]

Korg Microkorg repair?

Nobody reads labels It must have happened, I just waited. When I was enjoying playing Bomberman in another part of the city, my girlfriend decided to hit some tunes on my old, trusted Microkorg. When I returned home, she seemed scared. I asked, what happened. She replied, something happened to my synthesizer, it behaves strangely. […]

Casio VL-1 secrets

How I got my Casio VL-1? At the end of year 2017 I went to a flea marked in Poznan where I live (or rather Flohmarkt, 90% of stuff there comes from Germany anyway). On one of stands I noticed a Casio VL-1 in good condition, working and with battery cover (but without protective sleeve). […]