DIY sound synthesizers and me.


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  1. Allan Thompson 24 January 2016

    I’m very interested in your binaural beat and white noise generator. Please get in touch. I would Love to experiment and build one.
    Kindest Regards

  2. Yuri. 16 February 2017

    Добрый день. Где можно найти программу для MEGA 8- P и рисунок PCB контроллера клавиатуры. Буду очень благодарен. С Уважением Юрий.
    Good afternoon. Where can I find a program for MEGA 8- P and PCB drawing keyboard controller. I will be very grateful. Regards, Yuri.

  3. Steven 6 June 2017

    Great site. Thank you very much for sharing your projects.

  4. Adrian 25 July 2017

    Great projects. Thanks for sharing

  5. Cooper 11 September 2017

    Got anything for sale?

    Legoman module?


  6. M696 27 September 2017

    hi,you could send me the diagram to solder the cables to the tune, cv, trig, since I would not be understanding in the photo, thank you very much
    big diy project

    • admin 1 October 2017 — Post author

      I’m not shure which project you are reffering to :/

  7. David Lundgren 4 October 2017

    hey, are you selling the 808 rs pcb? if not, will it be possible to get a 1:1 pcb layout (ie. for printing out on photo paper etc.)

    cheers David Lundgren.

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