Clangora – swiss army metallic sound synth

When you type “Clangora” in your web browser, you will find maybe 5 different finished builds. It is not the most popular project, that’s why I feel I should show my device.

The synth was designed by Thomas Henry, full description of the circuit along with printable PCB can be found in “Nuts & Volts”, November 2003, the article was named “Snap, clank, clatter!”. There is also small Errata in later edition. You can find all info somewhere in the depths of Internet.

Clangora top view
Clangora top view

There are almost no exotic parts – except NE570 compander and NE566 VCO IC. The PCB soldering is very simple – the spaces between componenst are really large. The most problematic is the amount of pots and jacks and thus the size of the front panel. The PCB size is not also very good for eurorack build – the only possible way is to mount it horizontally, resulting in quite deep module (about 20 cm). To make it eurorack compatibile, I’ve added a small PCB with 2×5 power connector and some filering caps.

Clangora side view
Clangora side view

The synth sounds good, but it needs a lot of knob wiggling. I feel somehow, the interface is too complicated and some knobs do nothing exciting*. Also takes a lot of space in the modular setup.

*exciment scale for knobs: filter cutoff = WOW!, noise color = ok,  initial click tone = meh :/

Small demo of the Clangora capabilities (in fact it is 30 minute long, try not to sleep):

Decide if you like ot or not, if yes, just build it! All project files are out there!


edit 24.11.2017:

I’ve got signals, the files for this great project are now very hard to find. In case of any problems, feel free to contact me.

The first, most beautiful photo was made by my friend, Marek, from

2 thoughts on “Clangora – swiss army metallic sound synth

  1. Hi there,

    I’m realy interested in the schematics of the kayonashi.
    I could not find them online and can not order the “nuts & volts” article any more.

    kind regards

    Remco Terol

  2. Hello jou make Nice modules in Just starting Whit stripboard modules so me qwastion is do jou only sell your modules OR do jou share also modules ? Gr bas mononom

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