Eurorack blank with Marty Feldman photo

Fast eurorack blanks

After few years of fight I finally finished my eurorack drum synthesizer. I was very proud of it, till my girlfriend asked: “Why there are empty spaces in your noisy box? You still don’t have enough modules?”. I laughed, made myself hot chocolate and started to cry in the corner.


Cure? Blanks.

I was in a hurry that day, the synth meet was tomorrow, and empty holes of my system were staring at me like my girlfriends eyes. It was time for fast blanks. I remember I saw it somewhere – a Jack Nicholson panel. I grabbed a ruler and went stright to action, there was no time to think. I’ve measured empty spaces in my eurorack  – they were not exact 5,08 mm multiplication (the charm of DIY), so the standard, machined aluminum won’t work here anyway.  Then I’ve cut the 3 mm thick cartoon, printed Jack in black/white (to fit color scheme of my system) and glued it. The dimentions are so tight, the panel holds itself without any screws.

Eurorack modular synth
Jack Nicholson (The Shining) eurorack blank

My girlfriend came back with coffee, took a peek at my work: “Jack from Shining? It is so obvious.” – she said in pure spite. The second one was her idea and worked out very well (and amusing). I made two “fast” eurorack blanks in total – ~12 HP with Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) from “The Shining” and ~8 HP with Igor (Marty Feldman) from “Young Frankenstein”.

Modular synth photo with DIY eurorack blanks
My eurorack drum modular with cat (Totoro) included, 2 eurorack blanks are clearly visible

They cost me nothing axcept 15 minutes of work, which was mostly fun anyway. If one day I will get bored I can always make a new ones (99% chance with Mr T.).



Next day I took my system to a synthmeet. Blanks looked unusual and served as a starting point to many (not always synth related) conversations. Many people just stopped and talked: “It’s Marty! I love him!”. Other just smiled. It turned out to be a really good idea (althought not mine).

So, if your modular scares other people or your wife/girlfriend can’t look at it, make yourself a set of joyful blanks.





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